2016 Fall "Futures" Registration

MTSA "Futures" registration process for the 2016/2017  Fall Season is active. All Players are required to register and pay the $135.00 registration fee to play on an assigned team.

Please Note that as of June 16st 2016 the price was increased from $110.00  

These fees have been implemented in order to encourage players to be registered early or on-time in order for the association to determine how many Fall Teams we will have and also help with trying to get additional Players or Volunteer Coaches that are needed as well.

Registration can be completed by clicking on the link below – if you have an existing account in Got.Soccer please logon to that account to register. All players who participated in Mantua soccer programs (both Futures and Travel) should already have a Got.soccer account. If you are new to Mantua soccer and/or have not used Got.soccer to register a player, then follow the instructions on the website to create an account.

Click Here for MTSA Fall Recreation Registration

Please Note regarding the registration process

  • Payments for registration can only be made via credit card or echeck in the system.
  • MTSA will only offer multi-player discounts for multiple family members in the same program (multiple players in the Travel program or multiple players in the Rec program).
  • In order to receive multiple-player discounts, families must have or create a family account within the registration system so that it recognizes and applies the discount.
  • Requests for registration refunds may incur a processing fee as there is a cost to set-up Got.soccer accounts. If your player is not offered a spot on a team (new players only) a full refund will be issued – if you paid by credit card the refund will be credited back to your card. Refer to the refund policy  under the Financial Hardship section of the MTSA web-site.
  • MTSA has a Financial Hardship policy  – requests for financial assistance should be emailed to MTSA.soccer@gmail.com. If a Financial Hardship request is granted a voucher number will be provided in advance to be used to make payment.
  • Questions should be emailed to MTSA.soccer@gmail.com